Life at TalentMap

Try it.

We’re a team that isn’t afraid to test things out. We believe it’s the best path to innovation and growth in our competitive market. If you’re a person that loves to experiment, then you’ll have the freedom to explore new ideas, make mistakes, and be celebrated for trying.

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Measure it.

Data is what we do. It drives the changes that lead to better workplaces, better performance, and better lives. We live this in our own team as well. We experiment, we measure, and we adjust – it’s our path to innovation and growth.

Own it.

We own our successes and mistakes, because we believe that the moment you own up, you learn. We are entrepreneurial and learning makes us a stronger team to pursue growth – personally, professionally, and organizationally. 

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Share it.

We’re in the people business. We’ve built our business on strong relationships and we believe this drives an exceptional client experience. Our Team is like a family, sometimes dysfunctional, but we’re content with that. Great relationships drive teamwork and we support this with a dynamic, collaborative office.